3 Steps to a Smooth Event Journey

It’s all about customer journey in the event industry. There’s no point organising a sophisticated event if you’re not going to give the attendee a seamless journey. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can ensure that an attendee experiences your event as you intended. Here are three steps to a smooth event journey.


Easy invitations


Start at the beginning, for it is the best place to start. This is true for events. By making your invitation smarter, with the help of event technology, you can make the event journey smoother. Provide enough information for your guest on the invitation, with QR codes to scan for directions to the venue and a ticket for freebies as incentive. Ensure every invitee knows what the event is, where to find it and why they should go. The invitation should then be the ticket of the event, with QR codes to scan upon entrance, minimising fuss at the door.


Signposting and scheduling


There is nothing worse than going to an event that has the atmosphere of disorganisation. We are sure that your event is planned to perfection with a designated time for everything – but does your guest know that? Instead of planning an event that ushers your guests into their seats and into the right place that you need them, ensure that they know in advance. Provide a video in your pre-event marketing that manages guests’ expectations or ensure every guest has a timetable of events so that they can help in the seamless running of your event.


Ease of information


The easiest way of keeping guests happy and ensuring that you can give them what they want is to anticipate what they want. If you give a presentation, ensure an easy way of them getting that information for themselves. Should there be an opportunity to network, make it easier with a guest database and QR codes or by letting guests choose a person of interest. It is also important that attendees can contact you after an event, to let you know their thoughts or to ensure for your products or services. Provide contact information or add and connect with your guests in advance.


How do you ensure the ease and seamless running of your event? Is your event customer journey well polished?



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