The Floating Cinema - London 2

A Floating Cinema

What makes peoples fall in love with London is the fact that this city gets always imaginative and unique new event to surprise the citizens!

If you love the cinema, London is full of surprises! You can watching a movie in hot tubs, beanbags or even with an amazing view of London at the Rooftop Film Club…

Floating Cinema, which was an Olympic project at the beginning, is now present on the canal during the summer at Queen Elizabeth Park, Hackney Wick, King’s Cross or Mile End.

Movies like Lourdes Grobet’s Bering: Balance and Resistance, and Everaldo González’ documentary The Old Thieves will be broadcasts.

The Floating Cinema - London 3

More than just watch extraordinaire movies in a floating theatre in-board screenings, the cinema offers canal tours, workshop and events along the waterways.

This amazing concept was designed by Duggan Morris, an architect selected the International Open Call Architecture Competition. Needless to say that the design is a success!

The team at Floating Cinema advise you not to forget blankets, as it may feel cool after sunset!