A Secret 18th Century Mission For Your Team

Secret 18th Century Mission For Your TeamNext Saturday is the first anniversary of Secret London Runs and their exciting immersive running events. That means that this Saturday’s event is going to be one of the best! Their big anniversary event is on 28th October.

If you’re a runner yourself and haven’t heard of them then you’re missing out on a lot of juicy gossip about the city! Their most popular running events reveal gory secrets!


Secret 18th Century Mission For Your TeamThese events are perfect for corporate teams, not only because of the break from the office but because they require teamwork in order to solve the mysteries! The team will motivate, help and bond with each other in an event that’s memorable! The competitive element might even inspire your team to truly step up and be the best of all the other participants! Company pride is very valuable to an office!


Secret 18th Century Mission For Your TeamThis Saturday there is a mystery to be solved. Enter solo, in pairs or in groups of three and four people and look for an 18th century police constable to explain the crime at hand before you run, keeping your eyes peeled so you can study all 10 suspects, clues and stops carefully in a bid to be the first team to solve the case! Your investigation will take you across the city so pack light!


Secret 18th Century Mission For Your TeamIf you’re looking for a private event, Secret London Runs also do private tours of London where you set the pace yourself, running or walking and can also set the date! The tours are empowering in some cases, for example London’s Power Women is inspirational while In The Shadow of The Shard reveals shocking happenings of London Bridge and Southwark!

Get your team outside, working together and passionate about problem solving!

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All image credit: @duncankelman from KoaSound Photography