Why We’re The Best at Canapé Receptions

Canapé receptions are the most popular form of corporate event. This might be because they are the most flexible, allowing people to talk, listen and network without fuss. At List of Life, we regularly organise fantastic canapé receptions because we know what makes them great…



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Every reception must cater to a number of different people and their varieties of dietary requirements. For this reason, we know that it is best to serve a range of great canapés, their fillings being meat, fish, vegetarian and even sweet canapés for longer receptions to signal to the guests that the evening is moving on.




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We won’t ever let your guests go hungry! Serving more than the average amount of canapés, we believe that 8-10 canapés per person per hour is the best formula for success. The worst canapé receptions are ones where you’re left waiting for service which is why our receptions are so attentive and consistent.




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We only use award-winning caterers in our canapé receptions. A measure of a good caterer is how often they have been awarded the Canapé Cup (a genuine award ceremony for caterers). Additionally, we supply only the finest of wines from incredible suppliers who are skilled in ascertaining the best wine to compliment the flavours of the menu.




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We pride ourselves on never losing sight of the purpose of an event. If there is a canapé reception, there is a reason for the canapé reception and we tailor the event to meet the business need of our clients. For example, if the purpose of a reception is investment, we ensure adequate time for pitches. Likewise, if the purpose is to give information, we ensure the technology and forum is right to do so.



Our dedication to quality makes every canapé reception we organise a great one. See for yourself!


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