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Bite-Sized Team Building

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Love might not be in the air in the office but social unity can always be improved with the right corporate event! What’s more, is it doesn’t have to be difficult for you! Let us introduce you to our bite-sized office team-building event.


charity event corporate event cause uk animal charity teambuilding team buildingYou may already be familiar with our Team Building With Bite product where your team can visit a local zoo or sanctuary and build some feeders, toys and enclosure enhancing fun for animals and then witness their reaction to them at the end of the very rewarding day!   This product takes the best of the event and makes it bite-sized, therefore making it available for those of you with a little less time!



puppy dog teambuildingBreak up a day of work and meetings with this fun event that ensures your team gets hands-on, creative and working together to produce fun toys for either your pets, animal shelters or zoo animals! (Take your pick!) Your instructors will be able to bring all of the fun and the advantages of the product right to your office for convenience. You can learn how to make fire hose toys, feeders and more depending on which animals you decide to work for.



animalThose who choose to have this event at its full capacity, at the sanctuary itself, benefit from seeing the animals play with what you’ve made first-hand but others prefer to not remove their whole team from the office for an away day. For in-office Bite, the teams will receive a video of the animals’ reaction and interaction to the enhancements in their closure!


We are currently the only place you will find this fantastic corporate event, perfect for team-building, communication, creativity and a chance of doing some good for the animals! If you’d like to know more, find all details of the product here.