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Breaking Bad Bar

If you’re a fan of breaking bad and want to experience something similar, we can’t recommend becoming a drug dealer but we can tell you about a bar that will make you feel just as Heisenberg!


heisenberg breaking bad show inspired cocktail bar

After a very popular three month period in Paris, ABQ have brought their Breaking Bad bar to London and their 45000 supporters and we could not be more excited. Opening in August in a brand new laboratory, the TV show inspired bar is bound to excite fans! Situated in an RV, big enough for 28 cooks, there are seats, stations and equipment reminiscent of the meth-making set up of Breaking Bad.


rv breaking bad lab

Customers will be able to make two cocktails during their time at the Breaking Bad bar. Using molecular mixology techniques, you’ll be able to make Saul’s C2H60 and Blue Flynn. The first involves using freezing and carbonation qualities of alcohol to freeze the drink, nitrogen cavitation process of rum, pink peppercorn and rose hip, their delicious cocktail will be served with popping candy and, with a little more science, will smoke!


breaking bad heisenberg bar

The Blue Flynn cocktail will be a feast for the eyes with it’s ability to change colour based on acidity added to it. We hear the process of creating is just as entertaining! With a multitude of bowls, tubes and ingredients, you will be able to watch the transition take place, reminiscent of the transition that Walt Junior has to go through. The dry ice, much like crystals, had a part to play in both cocktails.


This incredible bar (or should we say lab? RV?) is open on the 5th of August and we recommend that you book soon to avoid disappointment as it’s bound to only increase in popularity!

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