Brixton Design Trail – Our Top 3 Stops

After its success as part of the London Design Festival in 2013, Brixton design trail is back for 2016! It is set to be one of the best places to go during the nine days! We are excited, not just because Brixton is the home of List of Life but also, with their bid to honour Bowie and support the local businesses, no design district is going to be more colourful than Brixton! If you don’t have the time to see all of the exhibitions it has to offer then don’t fear, we have the gossip on the best features!


Polish Pajaki ‘Spiders of Straw’

Polish Pajaki Spiders of Straw
Brixi, Bobbin and Bow, Pajaki

One of the craftiest of exhibitions within Brixton Design Trail takes the Polish pastime of making Pajaki mobiles and modernises it. Where Polish women used whatever materials came to hand, Brixi, Bobbin and Bow have organised a range of materials from wooden sticks, pins, pom-poms and colourful off-cuttings and have made some big and beautiful pajakis. Be sure to look up when you’re in the Brixton arcade because a large pajaki will be hanging throughout the whole festival.


Street Gallery

street gallery
Street Gallery, Squire and Partners

The streets of Stockwell Avenue will transform into an outdoor canvas in order to showcase the talent of Brixton’s artists including Squire and Partners and street artist Unify! Visitors will not only be able to enjoy the artwork but contribute! Additionally, head to The Department Store to see an interactive outdoor installation!



Silhouettes and Shadows

Silhouettes and Shadows
Fernando Aceves for Silhouettes and Shadows

The exhibition that brings photographers’ photos and fond memories of Bowie to Electric Lane, including some photos that have never been in the UK before. The local hero has been commemorated in many ways in his hometown, Brixton, and so this exhibition is set to be popular. Expect to see infamous photos of Bowie from the photographers that knew him best.



Brixton design trail is going to be incredible and is just one of the areas transforming all over London. To learn about the seven design districts that London Design Festival have chosen and what to expect at each location, read our Linkedin article.


All image credit: Squire and Partners for Brixton Design Trail