How Can Team-Building Improve The Wellbeing of The Workplace?

Every workplace environment is different but there are certain similarities that tend to run through all of them. One of these similarities is that every company, no matter how large or small, has a fragmented team at some point or another. That’s why it’s so surprising to discover that, when push comes to shove, team-building days are the first to be cut from the budget. We wanted to investigate how valuable team-building activities are.


The Small Team


You might dismiss the need for a team-building activity if your company is small. After all, if they spend a lot of time in each other’s company, why wouldn’t they be a good unit? The fact of the matter is that small teams might spend too much time in close proximity, close enough to see the successes and failures of team members, seeing differences in workload, missed deadlines and mistakes. A company meeting that sets duties straight, followed by a team-building exercise can give a small team a new- and unified, start.


The Large Team

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Larger companies typically have great departmental unity but, beyond that, it gets more difficult to bring the group together. The daily objective is, of course, work, and it’s natural for relationships to be stronger with department counterparts than others. Large companies benefit from the chance to work in new groups with different people, getting to know their skills. Team-building activities are a wonderful reminder that everyone, regardless of department, works together toward the same goal for the same company!


The Processes


Because not every team is the same, not every team-building activity is the same. At List of Life, we assess your company, listen to your criteria and what you hope to gain from an event and then work towards an activity that can achieve it. That being said, every team-building activity has a magic formula: communication, a common goal, new environment, a task requiring different skills and curveballs to overcome. With the right balance of each, even the most fragmented team comes together to achieve the task before them.


The Results

teamwork teambuilding

If a team-building activity is professionally tailored and perfectly executed, the results are bountiful. Your team should leave the event with new relationships with colleagues, better communication skills, a more clear understanding of the different roles within the company, a sense of value for their colleagues in different lines of work and a sense of being a part of something. Most often, all it takes is a team-building day to ‘defrag’ a team’s bad habits and create a more approachable workforce, which, in turn, makes everybody happier to communicate and build better work relationships.


For any company that cares about the wellbeing of it’s staff, regular team-building exercises are valuable and necessary.

If you have had a particularly good team building activity or have an opinion on team wellbeing, please don’t hesitate to comment so we can continue the discussion!

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