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3 Reasons to Ditch the VIP Section at Your Event

The VIP section has become a long-standing tradition at clubs, parties and even corporate events. Usually reserved for those with high socio-economic power or influence, they maintain some privacy and distance for the chosen attendees. But is their time in...

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FOMO corporate event

FOMO: What is it and How Does it Benefit Your Event?

With so much on these days, everybody’s got FOMO. FOMO, the fear of missing out, is exactly what it says on the tin. If you have ever been unable to attend a social event and worried that you might miss...

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continuous improvement corporate events

How Corporate Events Instil Continuous Improvement

With every environment of the corporate world changing at a fast pace, the best of businesses have set their sights on continuous improvement. The most successful companies have a continuous improvement programme that evaluate the company’s efficiency and set about...

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Your Post Event Checklist

After all the event planning has been done and the event has been executed without a hitch, it’s important to remember that it isn’t over yet. There are a number of steps that round off an event and ensure future...

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How to Announce Your Event The Right Way

Once all the hard work and planning has gone into your event, it’s ready to be announced! There are some details that are necessary to include. Here’s how to ensure the proper announcement of an event.   The W’s Make...

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How a Change of Scenery Betters Your Team

It is an unfortunate fact that, when the budget low, corporate events get the axe. The most misunderstood opinion is that removing staff from the office decreases productivity but here’s how a change of scenery betters your team.   Fresh...

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Questions to Ask When Interviewing for an Events Planner

Blogs in the events industry at the moment are largely focused on how to prepare for an interview when applying to become an events planner. We thought we’d flip the tables and help events companies hire the right people for...

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What to Ask of Your Christmas Party Venue

The events industry is preparing for the most festive time of the year. If you haven’t already made the necessary arrangements for the office Christmas party then you might be wondering how to ensure a perfect event. The best advice...

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Four Ideas For Live Entertainment at Your Christmas Party

It may only be July but the best Christmas performers are already being booked up. We can only assume that by now you have already arranged for an event planner to manage your Christmas event – and if you haven’t,...

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Christmas Party Themes

If you recently read our previous blog post: ‘It’s Time to Work Out Three Details of This Year’s Christmas Event’, you might be in a panic. That much is understandable. It is the middle of May. So, like the helpful event professionals...

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productive meeting

Tips For a Productive Meeting

The average person will have multiple meetings per week and, whilst the purpose of the meetings will vary from catch ups to planning and targets, one goal remains the same: productivity. When you’re pausing the work of many staff to...

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How to Deliver a Successful Public Speech

Most event planners and managers reach a time where they have to deliver a public speech. It might not be for long, it might not be at a large event but it is speaking publicly, which a surprising number of...

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Questions to Ask of Your Event Venue

Finding the right venue for your event can make or break the whole thing. We tend to find two camps of people looking for an event: those that have a specific idea of their event and therefore are looking very...

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burning man

Accidental World Class Events Created By Non-Event Profs

When you’re so busy trying to get ahead in the events industry it’s all too easy to forget that sometimes the best of events happen by mistake. Though event profs have years of experience in the business and constantly strive...

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Easter Fun For Families in London

For most of us the Easter holidays is exciting, not just because of the abundance of tolerance on eating too much chocolate but also because we get a four day weekend! We’re not forgetful, however, of our audience of parents...

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events industry talent

Spotting Talent in The Events Industry

Today, for some Monday motivation, we are enjoying looking at all things positive. Following our article about the things all successful people do and believe which you can read here, we thought we’d discuss how to spot talent in the...

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How Brexit Will Affect The Events Industry

With article 50 being triggered last week and Brexit officially going ahead, we thought we’d take a closer look at exactly how that will affect the events industry. What’s Likely to Be Affected? The immediate places that event professionals focus...

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street food london weird and wonderful things to eat in london

Weird and Wonderful Things to Eat in London

London is a trap that entices you here and traps you here but you can’t say that Londoners aren’t explorative in other ways. Clearly, no one here was ever told not to play with their food. The result? The large...

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theme, event, party

How To Create Immersive Events

With the event market constantly moving and improving, it’s no wonder that people are looking for much more from events than they ever were. It’s not too early to begin the planning stages of large scale Christmas events – which...

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corporate event meetings

How Corporate Events Can Increase Productivity

Following our article about people only being productive at work for 3 of 8 hours, we thought we would discuss what you can do to ensure the increase of productivity, without cutting the working day in half! Here’s how corporate...

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rsz_hberg_2 (1)

Breaking Bad Bar

If you’re a fan of breaking bad and want to experience something similar, we can’t recommend becoming a drug dealer but we can tell you about a bar that will make you feel just as Heisenberg!   After a very...

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survival course outdoor course corporate event

Why Your Company Needs a Survival Course

We’re not saying business is akin to life and death situations but survival courses are becoming increasingly popular corporate events and for good reason. Give the social drinks or the office Olympics a break in favour of fresh air and...

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events branding

Company Branding

Company branding is a crucial consideration of most corporate events, whether large or small scale. The benefits of event branding can mean the difference between a successful and popular event or an average one.   Why you should be branding...

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events industry news

The Customer Journey

When you’re working on a project similar to everything else you have expertise in, it can feel as though you’re always following the same process. You might believe that you already have it perfected. You might be working on gaining...

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What to Do in London This Easter

April is here and, if you live in London, you probably made the most of the warmer weather by seeing the Cambridge V Oxford boat race…and, if you didn’t, then you spent it watching the goat race instead! (We approve)....

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WoW festival women of the world festival south bank centre london

Women of The World Festival

March sees the return of WoW, the Women of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre. The WoW festival celebrates and champions gender equality and discusses both national and international issues for feminism in politics, the workplace and more and...

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Team Building in The Treetops

Go Ape has been popular for many years but the typical association is made with outdoor activities and birthday parties. Go Ape, however, have grown a lot in the last few years and their products are becoming more popular with...

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Pancake Day Events

The sweetest day of the year has returned. Tomorrow, we will be filling our stomachs with pancakes! Following our article about where to go to eat on the day, we thought we’d accompany the advice with some news of fun...

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Forest Works

Forest Works Corporate Spaces

Following our article on the tallest venues in which to host your meeting, we thought we would follow up with something a little more grounded! The theory remains that interesting surroundings inspire interesting meetings and sometimes the concrete jungle of...

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how to organise a last minute protest

How to Organise a Last-Minute Protest

Today, at 5pm onwards, there will be an anti-Trump rally to attempt to persuade the British government against showing support of Trump via the state visit. We thought this was as good a time as any to say, from an...

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meeting room technology advances in events

Three Technology Advances in Events

Following our article on Robots, the exhibition at the Science Museum, we decided to examine technology’s advances in the events industry. Whilst we don’t have robots taking your name and coat at the door and guiding you to your seat,...

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london underground top three happy tube stations

Top Three Happy Tube Stations

Some might read the title and see it as an oxymoron, I mean, when was the last time you could describe your tube commute as ‘happy’? Well, perhaps you’re using the wrong stations! The average London worker spends one to...

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food waste in events industry catering

Food Waste in The Events Industry

Following the launch of The People’s Fridge in Brixton, the community fridge to avoid food waste which you can read about here, we thought we’d talk about food waste in the events industry, what it is and how to achieve...

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tropicana beach club

Two Venues That Take You on Holiday

Do you ever think that, no matter how good the clubbing scene in London gets, it’s just not the same atmosphere as Ibiza? Do you want all of the fun from themed events without the hassle? We might have two...

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street food bluegrass bills

Family Inspired Food Pop Ups!

With summer events being at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the beginning of the year, we thought we’d recommend two fantastic pop ups to consider!   Bluegrass Bill’s This authentic southern fried menu is bound to be a hit...

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afternoon tea indoor gardens

Step Into Spring Early – Indoor Gardens

The winter might feel as though it’s dragging on but, believe it or not, spring could feel closer than you think! Whilst we’re not recommending too many outdoor walks in this weather, you can certainly get your fix of the...

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summer events corporate

Summer Events to Book Now!

If you’re in charge of the office summer event this year, it’s officially time to talk about it! It’s just a lucky advantage that it tends to make you feel a little warmer! Picture outdoor events, the sun on your...

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Laugh off January Blues

It’s frosty, foggy and miserable, it’s been a long month after Christmas bank account detonation and you can’t even remember what it was like to leave work in daylight. It’s easy to get the January blues. It’s also too easy...

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wild life drawing

Wild Life Drawing

Having successfully organised a lot of life drawing events over the years, you could say that we’re invested in it’s progression as a product. So what’s the newest life drawing concept on the market at the moment? Wild life drawing!...

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chinese new year lights

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Based on the lunar and solar calendars, the Chinese New Year falls on the 28th of January this year and, as with all years, the celebrations are colourful and exciting! Whether you’re interested in the Chinese New Year, the year...

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