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Why Use an Events Company?

There are two options when it comes to organising a corporate event: try to organise it yourself or go to an events company. There are  different motivations involved in each. You might think you’re too particular to hand the task over...

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The Electric Forest

Celebrate the summer solstice with the Royal Academy of Arts on Saturday the 17th of June. RA Summer lates have created an immersive experience you won’t want to miss! The courtyard transforms into enchanted woodland, complete with trees and foliage....

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May: Outdoor Events & Rooftop Festivals

Most of us are blissfully aware that May has arrived, thanks to a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday yesterday! So while the weather warms up, let’s start the month the right way: with lots of outdoor events!   Peckham Rye Music...

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corporate event meetings

How Corporate Events Can Increase Productivity

Following our article about people only being productive at work for 3 of 8 hours, we thought we would discuss what you can do to ensure the increase of productivity, without cutting the working day in half! Here’s how corporate...

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rsz_hberg_2 (1)

Breaking Bad Bar

If you’re a fan of breaking bad and want to experience something similar, we can’t recommend becoming a drug dealer but we can tell you about a bar that will make you feel just as Heisenberg!   After a very...

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survival course outdoor course corporate event

Why Your Company Needs a Survival Course

We’re not saying business is akin to life and death situations but survival courses are becoming increasingly popular corporate events and for good reason. Give the social drinks or the office Olympics a break in favour of fresh air and...

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WoW festival women of the world festival south bank centre london

Women of The World Festival

March sees the return of WoW, the Women of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre. The WoW festival celebrates and champions gender equality and discusses both national and international issues for feminism in politics, the workplace and more and...

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Team Building in The Treetops

Go Ape has been popular for many years but the typical association is made with outdoor activities and birthday parties. Go Ape, however, have grown a lot in the last few years and their products are becoming more popular with...

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Pancake Day Events

The sweetest day of the year has returned. Tomorrow, we will be filling our stomachs with pancakes! Following our article about where to go to eat on the day, we thought we’d accompany the advice with some news of fun...

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Forest Works

Forest Works Corporate Spaces

Following our article on the tallest venues in which to host your meeting, we thought we would follow up with something a little more grounded! The theory remains that interesting surroundings inspire interesting meetings and sometimes the concrete jungle of...

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rsz_dsc_0240 (1)

Bite-Sized Team Building

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Love might not be in the air in the office but social unity can always be improved with the right corporate event! What’s more, is it doesn’t have to be difficult for you! Let us introduce...

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food waste in events industry catering

Food Waste in The Events Industry

Following the launch of The People’s Fridge in Brixton, the community fridge to avoid food waste which you can read about here, we thought we’d talk about food waste in the events industry, what it is and how to achieve...

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Gin Festival 2017

Gin, wonderful gin. It’s one of Britain’s favourite drinks and, even if you’re not a festival person, quick to celebrate just any old thing, we’re sure you’ll get on board with this.   The Gin Festival was founded by gin...

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tropicana beach club

Two Venues That Take You on Holiday

Do you ever think that, no matter how good the clubbing scene in London gets, it’s just not the same atmosphere as Ibiza? Do you want all of the fun from themed events without the hassle? We might have two...

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street food bluegrass bills

Family Inspired Food Pop Ups!

With summer events being at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the beginning of the year, we thought we’d recommend two fantastic pop ups to consider!   Bluegrass Bill’s This authentic southern fried menu is bound to be a hit...

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afternoon tea indoor gardens

Step Into Spring Early – Indoor Gardens

The winter might feel as though it’s dragging on but, believe it or not, spring could feel closer than you think! Whilst we’re not recommending too many outdoor walks in this weather, you can certainly get your fix of the...

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summer events corporate

Summer Events to Book Now!

If you’re in charge of the office summer event this year, it’s officially time to talk about it! It’s just a lucky advantage that it tends to make you feel a little warmer! Picture outdoor events, the sun on your...

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Laugh off January Blues

It’s frosty, foggy and miserable, it’s been a long month after Christmas bank account detonation and you can’t even remember what it was like to leave work in daylight. It’s easy to get the January blues. It’s also too easy...

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wild life drawing

Wild Life Drawing

Having successfully organised a lot of life drawing events over the years, you could say that we’re invested in it’s progression as a product. So what’s the newest life drawing concept on the market at the moment? Wild life drawing!...

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chinese new year lights

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Based on the lunar and solar calendars, the Chinese New Year falls on the 28th of January this year and, as with all years, the celebrations are colourful and exciting! Whether you’re interested in the Chinese New Year, the year...

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travel photography

Travel Photography

Travel photography has become one of the most popular forms of photography in the world. There are awards of recognition or them nowadays but it’s not an easy process. Some believe that anyone can create a great photo on their...

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brunch in london

Top 3 Bottomless Brunch in London

Brunch is one of the best ways to kickstart a weekend. It’s also a great way of recovering from a hangover if you kickstarted your weekend on a Friday night! Whatever it is that you do over the weekend, there...

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kobe luminarie light festival

World’s Biggest Light Festivals

If you’re not afraid to travel for your illuminated art then you might be interested to know the world’s best light festivals. Light has been admired and celebrated for many years and we’re not just talking about Diwali. Art seems...

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empty london christmas day tube underground

Empty London – Christmas Day Attractions

London is famous for being one of the busiest cities around. If you’ve ever commuted in rush hour and squeezed yourself like a Tetris piece on the tube, this post is for you. For one day a year, every year,...

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Team Harmony – How Carols Create Unity

The number one search term for corporate events is ‘team-building’. Some offices will only participate in activities if it meets the company criteria that seeks strong working relationships, communication and team-building. Christmas is the perfect time to consider carol singing...

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Top 3 Christmas Shows

It’s the season of theatre! With tourists coming from all over the world to see London in lights, and with new productions being announced more frequently, there is never a better time to go. Theatre shows are also a great...

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Wine Making and Other Workshops

Something about this time of year brings about more things to do than usual! If you’ve ever wanted to try to learn something new, there is, quite literally, no time like the present! With a number of craft workshops now...

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in office events activities team-building trust communication

Team-building Breaks!

As we draw closer to Christmas and the business starts to wind down, many fail to see this as the fantastic opportunity that it is! Having spare time in the office (and while the whole team is still in!) is...

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Are You a Master of Drinking?

Christmas is lurking, or excitingly close, depending on which way you look at it. Likewise, the Christmas office party is too! If your office is just planning on popping out for a drink at the end of play on Friday, you might...

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backyard cinema a night garden london immersive cinema winter theme

Backyard Cinema’s Winter Night Garden

Located inside the popular Mercato Metropolitano, Backyard Cinema have recently revamped their theme. Popular for their immersive cinema, the team swapped the jungle for the perfect scene of festivity. If you come across an old bookshelf and wardrobe, you have...

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corporate gift gifting

Top Three Corporate Gifts

The benefits of corporate gifting are varied, including consolidated branding, internal cohesion and attracting new business and new customers. If you are stuck for a place to start corporate gifting then here are our suggestions:   Hampers Hampers are one...

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christmas cards corporate marketing

Why Christmas Cards are Merry Marketing

Tis the season to be jolly and you’re probably already feeling the panic of organising Christmas, not just for home but for the office. This year, when you’re sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, don’t forget your corporate...

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bonfire night lewes festival

Lewes Bonfire Festival

Traditional bonfire nights in London typically involve a park or outdoor space, street food, a fireworks display and booze. The truth is that things have really calmed down over the last few years- but not for everyone!   The Lewes...

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Unmissable Places for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate week might be over but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for the crème de la crème of cocoa to satisfy your cravings! In fact, with Christmas right around the corner, we think you’ll find that now is...

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Loyle Carner’s Cooking School Inspires Corporate Responsibility

  Loyle Carner recently opened a cooking school that teaches children with ADHD culinary skills. Having grown up with ADHD himself and finding the process of cooking calming, he used his success to give back to the community with this...

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london halloween club venue event

Halloween Events in London

Halloween is only two weeks away! If you haven’t yet found somewhere to get your thrills and celebrate the spooky affair then don’t fear! (Leave that to the night itself!) Having previously spoken about the hottest events i.e. La Danse...

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Foodie Hubs, October

  POPdown, Cuisson POPdown invited us down to Borough market to taste their sensational Asian fusion flavours, and be a part of their interactive dining experience. They talked us through the six course-tasting menu, and their aim to revolutionise the dining...

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christmas parties events

A Theme For Your Team

Themed parties and events are becoming incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. Christmas is coming and if you haven’t managed to book an immersive experience yet, here is why you should!   Themed Parties Set The Mood From the...

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London’s Happiest Borough is…

  Few things make Londoners happy. Access to food at any time of the day or night, cheap booze and a friendly Uber driver are a few of things that us Londoners love. But some boroughs have been found to...

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london tap water dangerous harmful

What’s in London Tap Water?

With rumours about the cocaine levels in London tap water being high and harmful, and having already investigated the myths about pigeons’ disease and the dirty underground, we looked at what’s really in the tap water of the capital.   Oestrogen The...

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