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The Benefits of Your Event Having its Own Website

There are many events that you have attended that will have had their own website. When you are an event company that organises multiple events a year, it might be something you forget to consider. But, since there are many...

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3 Steps to a Smooth Event Journey

It’s all about customer journey in the event industry. There’s no point organising a sophisticated event if you’re not going to give the attendee a seamless journey. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can ensure that an attendee experiences...

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3 Ways to Benefit From an Event App

Event tech is only getting stronger and, as a result, so are your corporate events! With technology moving so fast, it’s easy to become confused with what’s necessary and what isn’t. Event tech trends suggest that apps could be the...

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5 Ways to Make an Event Budget Stretch Further

Event planners are frequently confronted with a fixed budget and event criteria that spans it all. They regularly have to make a little go a long way in order to meet event criteria but without compromising quality. Here are five ways...

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Your Post Event Checklist

After all the event planning has been done and the event has been executed without a hitch, it’s important to remember that it isn’t over yet. There are a number of steps that round off an event and ensure future...

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How to Announce Your Event The Right Way

Once all the hard work and planning has gone into your event, it’s ready to be announced! There are some details that are necessary to include. Here’s how to ensure the proper announcement of an event.   The W’s Make...

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Four Current Trends in Corporate Events

Every year, the events industry comes up with new ways to keep events, whether for team building, sales, launches or meetings, interesting. In 2017, these are some of the trends across all styles of corporate event.   Live streaming The...

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What to Ask of Your Christmas Party Venue

The events industry is preparing for the most festive time of the year. If you haven’t already made the necessary arrangements for the office Christmas party then you might be wondering how to ensure a perfect event. The best advice...

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Three Ways Corporate Events Can Learn From Festivals

The summer season sees the world go festival crazy but can we learn anything from their popularity and apply it to corporate events?   The Great Outdoors The first thing we learn from festivals is that people are not afraid...

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Why Use an Events Company?

There are two options when it comes to organising a corporate event: try to organise it yourself or go to an events company. There are  different motivations involved in each. You might think you’re too particular to hand the task over...

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