once upon a time little treasured toy shop christmas party

Christmas Party in An Abandoned Toyshop

Immersive experiences make fantastic corporate events for a number of reasons: they erase all awkwardness immediately, bond teams across different departments with a common aim to unravel the mystery and are highly entertaining and unique to ensure that the event will be the talk of the office. Plan A Events, with their pop up concept, Once Upon a Time, bring fairytale and fantasy to life by transforming spaces and hosting immersive events.

abandoned toyshop christmas partyTheir latest transformation, ‘The Little Treasured Toy Shop’, is a charming tale of an abandoned toy shop and its long-forgotten toys. Visitors can expect to be immersed immediately in a fictional world with incredibly real characters! Themed performers will show you to the start, a sparkling drinks reception, followed by a five hour and three course dining experience in the decorated, interactive venue. The party will continue to a party box where you can dance the night away and experience the final chapter of the story.


christmas party abandoned toy shopThis special and unique event is perfect for a corporate Christmas party for both small and, especially, larger teams since the night can be booked with a minimum of ten people and can be shared with others or the fairytale event can be booked exclusively to a group of up to 300 guests! The decor, venue transformation, haute cuisine, delicious wine and intriguing plot and storytelling make this event one not to miss this Christmas! Once Upon A Time tells you all you need to know and that is: this is a once in a lifetime event so be sure to book between the 24th of November and the 22nd of December for a truly magical office party!


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All image credit: Plan A Events.