Christmas Party Themes

If you recently read our previous blog post: ‘It’s Time to Work Out Three Details of This Year’s Christmas Event’, you might be in a panic. That much is understandable. It is the middle of May. So, like the helpful event professionals we are, we have come to help! Here are some Christmas party theme ideas!



hollywood themed party

Give your team a taste of Hollywood glitz with a theme for the stars! Picture a red carpet arrival, some photographers flashing the bulbs of the vintage cameras all night to capture the corporate event in style. Imagine feather boas, shimmering glass and sparkling table centrepieces. Enjoy live music with a cabaret feel to it all night on a decorative dance floor. Christmas is all about the red and the sparkly, so what better time to create a Hollywood glamour masterpiece of an event?


Retro Cinema 

retro cinema

Retro cinemas are very on-trend in the events world and it’s easy to see why. Their classic colour scheme and delicious catering of popcorn and candy floss are childhood favourites. Enjoy drinks and conversation in a vintage cinema lobby before settling into vintage chairs to watch a film, whether classic black and white or a modern Christmas movie! Expect ice cream served on trays and festive twists! For a next-level event, ask us to make the film an immersive experience!




For more childish fun, try a carnival theme this Christmas. Think black, white, red and gold colour scheme with the classic carnival music upon arrival. Expect an air of mystery that circus carnivals always seem to have as live performers show their strength, skill, contortions and fire breathing, wowing the whole team in wonder. Play traditional carnival games for prizes and enjoy booths of tarot readers and face painting. Be sure to add a photo booth into the mix to capture the magic!


We hope we have left you feeling suitably inspired. If you’re particularly inspired with a theme all of your own making then call us to make it happen!


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