Why More Companies Are Signing Up To Rat Race

Rat RaceRat Race corporate event sports organise many events across the country every year varying from endurance to adventure runs that involve intense challenges, sometimes natural ones like a mountain or intricate obstacle courses. Their most popular events are London’s River Rat Race, Man V Mountain where the 10km race is situated in the Snowdonia mountains and The Wall, where you run 69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle. This weekend they return to London!


Rat Race corporate event sportsRat Race is a great organisation because for as much as they create fun and excitement around events which get everyone of all ages involved, they also regularly collaborate with charities. By donating some of the entry fees directly to selected charities and offering incentive to the teams and companies participating to also raise money through sponsorship, they make huge contributions to a few charities every year.


Rat Race corporate event sportsLondon’s Rat Race is always particularly popular with businesses– it is an away day involving teamwork after all! If you’re wondering whether or not your team can take it then here is a run down of the obstacle course: Runs, jumps, slides into the docks, floats, water trampolines, inflatable tight rope walks, monkey bars, inflatable hamster wheels, canoes and climbing walls.


Look for Rat Race events near your office and find details on how to participate here.

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