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Why Your Company Needs a Survival Course

We’re not saying business is akin to life and death situations but survival courses are becoming increasingly popular corporate events and for good reason. Give the social drinks or the office Olympics a break in favour of fresh air and the challenge of a survival course – here’s why your company needs a survival course!


New Ideas

wilderness course survival weekend outdoors corporate eventIf the environment of your office staff consistently remains the same then how can you expect new ideas from them? Sometimes you have to put some new ingredients in the mix to create a new recipe. City workers respond well to corporate events that take them into the great ideas and give them a new experience. Fresh with endorphins and a brain that’s more stimulated and awake, they typically come up with new ideas!


Confidence and Interest

corporate events wilderness survival courseIt’s probably not nice to hear, as a manager, but true of all office teams: work gets a little bit repetitive. With week after week, following the same routine and the 9 to 5 life causing even the sturdy to crack and fall into autopilot, it can dull one’s brain. Sometimes the team needs to press refresh! Taking a break to participate in a fun activity and then returning to work typically renews interest of the team, making them work faster and more efficiently! Learning a new skill is also a great way of boosting your team’s confidence, making them more likely to contribute new ideas!


Team Building

wilderness survival course All teams, especially those divided by departments and seating plans, can benefit from some team building. Whether you’re looking for clear social unison or fun competition to up the morale, a survival course brings people together on the basis of it being a unique experience, as well as requiring team effort. For example, learn how to build a shelter, how to make a fire, how to forage in the forest and cook on a campfire and more! You don’t need to be keen on hiking to appreciate the benefits of a survival course! It’s a skill and an experience they’ll remember.


For more information about the survival course and what it can do for you, see the product details here.

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