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How Corporate Events Can Increase Productivity

Following our article about people only being productive at work for 3 of 8 hours, we thought we would discuss what you can do to ensure the increase of productivity, without cutting the working day in half! Here’s how corporate events can increase productivity.


A Break

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Studies suggest that we can only concentrate on one task effectively for five to 20 minutes! This might horrify employers who might be immediately tempted to urge their team to work harder and focus! Alternatively, you could understand the science behind losing focus and that the brain needs feeding! Regular breaks allow the brain to catch up with its information and regain a new sense of energy to continue. Have an in-office event to break the day up and revive your staff!



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Most office jobs are boring and repetitive. (We’re sorry to be the one to tell you). Your employees are sometimes, quite innocently, just plain bored. Typing lengthy emails that answer the same questions and repetitively getting the weekly targets done is enough to turn the brightest of brains to mush. Give your team a creative break, where they can let out their frustrations and exercise their creativity! Making something with your hands fulfils you and takes focus. Excite your team with something hands-on!



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Sometimes, productivity is low because of a lack of communication or team work within a department, causing a wall that prevents the team working together to hit their targets. A good team working event can build bridges, increase trust and better the communication between team members which could equate to more discussion, problem solving and quicker processes within the department.



If you think you can identify a cause of the lack of productivity in your office then give us a call on 02072744865 to tell us and we’ll give you a corporate event that fits!


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