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How To Create Immersive Events

With the event market constantly moving and improving, it’s no wonder that people are looking for much more from events than they ever were. It’s not too early to begin the planning stages of large scale Christmas events – which are always the most immersive. Here’s where to start.


Sights and Sounds

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The key to immersive events is stimulating all of the senses. Starting at the beginning is easiest and sights and sounds are easy to plan for. Get a professional event designer to sketch and detail what the event will look like. Remember to layer the detail. We’re talking about hiring themed furniture rather than just creating a backdrop! When it comes to sounds, the client is typically clear on music. That being said, immersive events require other sounds, for example, a jungle cinema we recently attended had bird and monkey sounds that genuinely had us looking around for a minute!


Tastes and Smells

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Catering is an important factor of an immersive event. Too many events feel real until they serve you a basic canape and you know exactly where you are: a corporate event that’s just turned a little too typical! Whilst it is harder to create a tailor made menu, they’re always more appreciated by clients. Further fun can be had creating personalised cocktails for the event that encumber the right tastes and spices of the event. Food, in a big way, affects smells, but finding other ways of ensuring the venue is immersive enhances the overall effect.


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There is nothing worse than attending an immersive event that’s entrancing and then breaks it with a silly mistake that could have been avoided. Pay attention to detail, keep the colours and theme consistent, carry the theme through every room affected by the event and, most of all, the easiest but most often forgotten tip, is to remind your guests that there is a dress code so they don’t ruin the magic for themselves!


What’s the most immersive event you’ve been to?

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