Dans le Noir 2

Dans le Noir

Use your senses and test a unique experience, in the darkest place for dinner : Dans le Noir.

Since 2006 diners are plunged into darkness to experience a truly unique dining experience. Diners are guided and served by blind staff or known as guides. They take customers on a sensory journey, where taste and smell are the main ingredients. Without light, shyness is banished, creating an open-minded atmosphere and connecting with customers and stuff on a more human level. The food comes from a surprise menu, designed every season by their professional team, coached by the famous French Chef Olivier Romain!

Diners leave behind all their belongings, and most importantly mobile phones and lighters that would ruin the atmosphere. They’ll then pick from four menus, coded by colour: white – chef surprise, blue – fish and seafood, red – meat and green – vegetarian. They are then guided to their table in complete darkness by their server for night, who will introduce themselves promoting one of their tenets of connecting with others in a more intimate fashion. Their dedication to this can be seen in their 10 year anniversary gastronomic dinner cooked by Michelin stared chef Julian Machet, where they invited a group of Centerpoint (a charity giving young, homeless people a future) young clients for a once in a lifetime dinner, with no celebrity to be seen. You can check out the video below for more information.

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