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Empty London – Christmas Day Attractions

London is famous for being one of the busiest cities around. If you’ve ever commuted in rush hour and squeezed yourself like a Tetris piece on the tube, this post is for you. For one day a year, every year, you can feel as though London belongs to you. You can enjoy it empty- no really! Whether you find it eery or empowering, the best time to see London is on Christmas day! Here are our favourite places to go to see empty London…


Oxford and Regent Street

empty london christmas day oxford regent street
Weldon Kennedy, Flickr

The two busiest and most famous streets of London are packed with crowds of shoppers all day for 364 days a year. You’ve stepped on someone’s foot, been run over by a pushchair and expressed your frustrations countless times. Christmas day, when no one else is around, and most of the shops are shut, is the starkest contrast. Walk the empty streets and appreciate their beauty without the hustle and bustle! It’s something everyone should do at least once! Empty London at its strangest!



empty london christmas day southbank london eye
Greg Robleto, Flickr

Usually full of tourists and people out on the town, walking Southbank is much nicer than walking Oxford Street but always wonderfully chaotic. Take a walk there on Christmas day and appreciate everything that makes it quirky: the graffiti and street art, the pretty pubs and shiny glass shops, the Thames empty of boats and, at the final end, the London Eye. It won’t be moving but it will be a picture of empty London frozen in time and we guarantee you’ll like it!


Tower Bridge

empty london christmas day tower bridge
Cat Burton, Flickr

Tower Bridge and the surrounding area is always full of people, and quite deservedly too because it is one of the most beautiful parts of the city! Though you won’t be able to go into the castle, you can admire it free of crowds and stroll the bridge itself, which we can nearly guarantee will be empty! Unfortunately, all the nearby cafes will be closed, but we recommend trying to find the guy with the  candied nut stand near the station!


Trafalgar Square

empty london christmas day trafalgar square
Weldon Kennedy, Flickr

Usually packed with tourists taking photos, children on the lion statues and hopefuls throwing pennies into the water, Trafalgar square is empty every Christmas. You’ll be able to admire the Christmas tree in peace, see the wonderful spot in all its glory and nearly traffic free! This is one of our favourite places to go see empty London!



We guarantee you’ll fall in love with London all over again if you visit it on Christmas day!


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Featured image: David, Flickr