Enter the Oubliette  - Escape Room

Enter the Oubliette : Escape Room Game

A team that have fun together is a team that works well together!

Enter the Oubliette, located in the area of Brixton, is a new escape room game. This creative and challenging game was inspired from a Japanese online game called “Takagism”. An agent is missing; your goal will be to find him. During the game, you and your team must find clues and figure out puzzles. If you succeed it, you will be able to resolve the mystery before 60 minutes and escape the room! This game is designed for group from 6 to 8 peoples. Group of less 4 players are not recommended just because it will be more difficult to solve the solutions. Many different skills, many chances to rise the challenge!

The room where the game will take place is particularly amazing. You will start the game in a dark room…. surrounded by many machines with a timer clock. Lights, sounds and effects will totally integrate you in the game and you will start to wonder what’s real and what’s not.

This real life Escape Room Game is perfect for a party or an corporate event. Try to live this adventure with your colleagues, you will surely have lots of fun. Use your intuitions, teamwork skills and you will succeed this game!

Succeed this game and you will probably succeed at work!

Enter the Oubliette - Escape the Room