Branding and Values Workshop

The overview

Your branding communicates visually the personality of your organisation, its products and services to clients, potential clients and competitors. Our Values and Branding workshop is designed to put your brand under the spotlight, combining your research of your audiences and competitors with expert knowledge provided by our brand strategist.

Branding and Values Workshop You and your team will be able to take a fresh look at branding, where your brand currently is and where you would like it to be. You will explore your current brand values and whether they match current perceptions of your brand and where you are situated within your sector. The decisions you and your delegates make will serve as guidelines used to control and promote consistency of the brand message, both internally and externally and which will influence all future marketing and communication briefs.


  • Promotes discussion among the whole team about the shared objectives and goals of the company
  • Offers a deeper understanding to all staff members about the workings of every department of the company
  • Time with a business expert who will give a third party, objective and professional opinion during the discussions to better guide your charter