Crime Scene Investigation

The overview

This crime scene investigation scenario will get the whole team involved! A body has been found in suspicious circumstances and this immersive corporate event sees your whole team split into detective groups, studying clues, fingerprints and even DNA in a bid to be the first team to solve the mystery!

Led by true Scotland Yard detectives, the evidence provided throughout the crime scene investigation is intense for your team to study: bank statements, phone records and CCTV evidence is all crucial to understanding the events and they will have to communicate with each other in order to examine it all to get a clearer picture of the events of the murder.

Each team will present their proposed timeline of events to each other at the end of the investigation before the true detectives reveal who got it right.


What’s included in the package ?

This is a fully interactive event so all materials needed will be provided.  The session is up to 2 and half hours (although can be adapted to clients requests). The package includes:

  • Forensic Investigators suits to keep.
  • All documentation and ‘evidence’ for the delegates to use during the event. (Storyline is in real time and can be personalised to particular Company)
  • Mock crime scene, with crime scene tape and evidence markers.
  • Powdering for finger prints – Fluorescent powder, powdering brushes, ezitabs, and plastic square to keep lift of finger mark.
  • UV light, protective goggles.


  • Unique and immersive event that will excite all the team
  • Teamwork and strong communication is a requirement to succeed
  • Competitive element will ensure full cooperation and social cohesion of the the groups
  • The study of evidence requires concentration and initiative