DISC Training (Personality Types)

The overview

In this DISC training session you and your delegates will gain an understanding of personality types with the aim of improving productivity and business performance. This will not only allow you and your team to become better communicators but will also give you an appreciation for the differences between your clients and employees granting you vital influence.

DISC Training Corporate Event Within this fun and interactive programme of high performance team training, you and your delegates will gain an understanding of DISC profiling assessments as a framework to explore key attributes of a high performing team, identify strengths & address potential challenges within your team, whilst providing a communication framework to help participants manage clients and colleagues effectively.


  • A clear and communicative corporate event
  • Help each employee better understand themselves
  • Develop a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your team
  • Put the DISC information into practice long after the event in identifying more personalities in future and making informed decisions when assigning tasks to the right people