Hunger Games V Art Attack

The overview

This is a challenge based, team-building paper games event, which can last between 1 – 2 hours, so this is perfect for a lunch time or after work activity as even the busiest of offices can fit it into the schedule! It can be done within the office since you just need room for all the teams and some tables.

In the allotted time, teams are pitched against each other to create “sculptures”, out of the materials (recycled from the office bins) but must think outside of the box when curve balls are thrown at them every 15 minutes such as new rules and team changes.



Time: 1-2 hours

Materials: Contents of your bins

Space: Conference room

Price: £25 per person


(Header image: Archigeek on Flickr)


  • Can be brought to your office and completed in any space
  • Few materials needed
  • Paper games
  • Duration is flexible
  • Encourages team-building but also overall social cohesion since teams change over time
  • A hands-on and creative break
  • Curve balls encourage quick thinking and problem solving