Quiz Night (Random or Work Themed)

The overview

Add a competitive touch to your social corporate event by organising a quiz night for you and your team. Over the course of the evening, you and your team will be quizzed with a variety of questions. You can either arrange for a varied group of questions organised by the quiz master or you can provide a theme with which the questions will be relevant to. This flexible idea means that a quiz can be matched to almost any occasion. The quiz can be brought to any venue which makes it a convenient lunchtime break within the office!

The quiz typically has a variety of rounds including: dictionary round, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, ‘is this really the title of an artwork?’ round and also has a creative element as one round of the quiz involves making plasticine sculptures. Set in the comfort of your own office, this is perfect for a bit of silly fun where you can compete in teams against your colleagues. You’ll surprise yourself with what you know about art!


Time needed: 1 – 2 hours
Space Needed: Social break out space or large board room
Equipment needed: White board or flip chart and projector
Cost: £50 an hour
(Header image credit: Flickr)


  • Good way to test the knowledge of your team
  • Refreshes peoples training
  • Flexible in terms of theme and group sizing
  • Flexible duration to suit any event or the busiest of schedules