Sales Planning Day

The overview

Designed as an annual event, this all day meeting allows the sales team to audit current targets, results while facilitating time to focus on current strategies to meet the objectives of the sales team. This is also an opportunity to introduce and assess clients to the team as well as evaluating training levels of members of staff. It’s a great opportunity to provide a refresher course in company values and objectives as well as offering time to train the sales team as whole. This style of meeting also facilitates a chance to brief smaller sales teams as a whole department and to reward individuals and groups with an award ceremony. This is also a key component of a motivation strategy, reaffirming the value of the individual to the overall vision and objectives of the company.


  • Promotes discussion among the whole team about the shared objectives and goals of the company
  • Offers a deeper understanding to all staff members about the workings of every department of the company
  • Provides a clear plan of how to move forward
  • Offers time for reflection to measure previous successes or failures to use as a basis of moving forward
  • Clarifies the same training for everyone