Silver Necklace Making Workshop

The overview

This silver jewellery-making workshop is a relaxed way for the team to get creative. An expert will guide you and your team through the first stages of creation: how to thread, how to use a piercing saw, how to use a bench peg and how to make holes in metal. Once the jewellery piece has been made, you will be taught how to finish the design: how to polish the work, how to use jump rings to attach the pendant and how to make a necklace from a chain. At the end of the session, you will have a unique silver necklace.

The product made during the workshop can be adapted to best suit the group, for example you might choose to make silver earrings, cuff-links, silver rings or even up-cycle vintage jewellery.


  • A hands on event that will be sure to keep the team talking about it long after the event
  • Allows your team to express and develop their creativity in a sociable and relaxed environment
  • Reward your team with a class that teaches an interesting and practical skill
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team
  • Ends with a physical product of the team’s efforts
  • Teaches a new skill