Social Media Planning

The overview

 A social media-planning meeting allows your whole team to plan a social media strategy and action plan. Social media is the future of business marketing. It is the direct line of communication with customers who are receptive to a more personal corporate image. It not only allows you to respond to problems immediately but it can also expose your company to new customers or allow your company to find them.  As part of this, we will provide an expert in the field to facilitate this meeting.

This is a whole day of training and planning broken up into bite-sized chunks, at the end of which, everyone in your team will understand the value of social media and how to contribute to the overall strategy.


  • Promotes discussion among the whole team about the shared objectives and goals of the company
  • Offers a deeper understanding to all staff members about the workings of social media
  • Provides a clear plan of how to move forward
  • Offers time for reflection to measure previous successes or failures to use as a basis of moving forward
  • Clarifies the same training for everyone