Sushi Making

The overview

It takes 15 years to become a trained sushi chef in Japan, but in this social event you and your team can learn both the history and the techniques involved in the ancient art in just 2 hours under the guidance of our sushi chef. Each participant will make four different kinds of sushi out of the choice of fresh delicious ingredients tailored to your dietary requirements and preferences.

Kit List:
All utensils and food will be provided to make the sushi rolls which the customers can enjoy and eat after the party. Sake can also be provided.

Please let us know of any allergies before the class so that we can adjust the ingredients to meet your needs.


  • A hands on event that will be sure to keep the team talking about it long after the event
  • Allows your team to express and develop their creativity in a sociable and relaxed environment
  • Reward your team with a class that teaches an interesting and practical skill
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team
  • Led by a trained sushi chef
  • Step by step instruction in the art of sushi making
  • Opportunity to eat delicious creations