Urban Food Foraging

The overview

The urban jungle hides some great edible secrets that many of us have not noticed while going about our daily lives. With the right instructions from our expert foragers, you and your team will discover that the city can provide a wealth of hidden food—some that perhaps you never thought were edible! It’s not just the countryside that can provide a great place to forage for wild food, consider London your new larder. This event treats your team to skills and information they might not have otherwise experienced and they are sure to remember the event and take what they have learned home!


  • A hands on event that will be sure to keep the team talking about it long after the event
  • Allows your team to discover hidden talents and skills
  • Reward your team with a class that teaches interesting and practical skills
  • Improves the confidence of your team as they learn information on how to successfully forage
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team
  • Gain confidence to identify wild food
  • Know where to pick it up safely and legally
  • Identify and pick wild foods
  • Taste some readymade wild foods and drinks
  • Understand the risks and benefits of using plants for food and medicine