Video Production

The overview

This event develops skill such as teamwork, trust, confidence and presentation. Choose a video that is tailored specifically to the skills you wish to develop, for example, you might make a news-style programme, music video or short film. The activity is fun and creative and promotes group discussion. Each individual will have their own tasks to complete but the activity demonstrates the importance of the individual’s work in coordination with the rest of the team’s efforts in achieving the company’s shared visions and goals.

A competitive element can be included with points awarded to individual producers, the best functioning teams and the final video product (if the time is extended to allow for the cut and finish).


  • A hands on competitive event that will be sure to keep the team talking about it long after the event
  • Allows your team to discover hidden talents while taking on vital production roles
  • Reward your team with a class that develops your team’s skills in a fun and practical event
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team