Walking Tours

The overview

To truly appreciate the city you live in, you must experience it first hand and walking tours are not only a great way to stay active but also to understand your surroundings. You’ll discover London by breathing in its past and finding out about the scents that made Britain, from the Thames to the Kings and Queens of England and you can taste London in the history around the international trade of tea and alcohol that were the backbones of the British Empire. You and your team will be led  around London by an experienced tour guide who is, in her own right, a standout character of London.


Lust London:

Looking to take a walk on the naughty side? This scandalous tour around London may have to do be done in a whisper as customers are exposed to the secrets of debauched London.

  • Satisfy your lust for all the cheeky things in life
  • Tour around London’s naughty side
  • A journey through the past and present fetishes
  • A cheeky drink/cocktail can be included


The Scentsational Tour of London:

This tour of London is not to be sniffed at! Get an idea of how London and Londoners would have smelled. Learn about the fragrance, both its past and future and see how taste and smell are linked.

  • Fascinating facts with an added sensory dimension
  • Take a peek into bathhouses, cleaning rituals and fragrances through the ages that can answer some of your questions: which King preferred the smell of oranges to tea?
  • Drinks can be included if required


The History of London in Four Drinks:

Find out how tea, coffee, gin and beer helped shape London as we know it today. Did you know that we drank coffee before we drank tea?

  • Learn about the background of tea, coffee, gin and beer
  • Discover how these quintessentially English beverages shaped London
  • Includes a tea/coffee on arrival


  • A a great way to reward your team with this informative and informal event.
  • A perfect event for new teams.
  • Facilitates an opportunity for staff to familiarise themselves with London.