Wilderness Survival

The overview

This fantastic Woodlands Survival Weekend gives you and your team the chance to learn some important survival skills as well as encouraging the team to work as one. It’s a perfect bonding experience for a new team or for separate teams to work together.

A survival expert will teach the group a multitude of important survival skills and techniques used by the military when on missions in harsh environments in a fun, engaging and informal manner. You and your team will experience living in its most basic form; spending the day foraging for food and learning survival skills as a team. You will be given the chance to compete in your newly learned skills, such as fire building, whittling and plant identification. We have a variety of itineraries to suit your group.


  • A hands on event that will push your team outside of their comfort zone.
  • An event sure to keep the team talking about it long after the event.
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team
  • Teaches the team unique skills they would not have otherwise learned
  • Practical hands-on activities