Would I Wine to You?

The overview

Does someone in your team think they know their Riesling from their Chardonnay or their Merlot from their Rioja? More importantly, does your team believe that they can spot when someone is lying? Experience wine tasting in a unique way with our Would I Lie to You/Call my Bluff style evening.

Two sommeliers will go head to head, tasting and discussing wine with your team. It is then up to your group, after tasting two comparative wines to decide whether what they are tasting matches with the sommelier’s description and decipher who is lying. Reward your team with this relaxing yet engaging event where they will need to rely on all their senses and their wits discern the best wine as well as who is telling the truth.

Over 18’s only.


From £45, depending on group size & location.


  • A great way to reward the team with a fun social event
  • Improves the social cohesion of the team
  • A fun event that develops listening and communicating skills