Team Building Events

When looking for a corporate event, there are a select few things that people typically look for. One of the main attributes sought after for a corporate event to be centred around is teamwork. These days, more often than not, a company is split into departments. Though this is necessary to cover the numerous and varying tasks of a business, it can sometimes mean that the whole team does not get an opportunity to socialise together very often, making team building events incredibly important.

To increase overall social cohesion in a business is important because everybody must recognise that they are working together toward the same overall goal and see that they are just working on different necessary parts to get there. We think we have found the perfect events to demonstrate this.


Blindfolded Builder

Blindfolded BuilderThis team building event is flexible in regard to how many participants you need and the length of the event. It entails communication and trust since a member of the team will be blindfolded whilst building something and will have to solely rely on their colleagues instructions to be successful. The difficulty and size of the project is variable so the activity can span across an hour if the project is small like a birdhouse or could be as big as a desk or other furniture which demands a longer time frame. This activity is unique and challenging but sure to provide the team with lots of laughs, refresh their social cohesion and improve their verbal communication and instruction-following skills.


Picture This

teambuildingThis particular team building event is a brilliant demonstration of how a team can work together on individual projects that combine to form a bigger picture and a larger goal. This activity is a practical one, requiring all participants to use a variety of materials in order to make a picture relevant to the company, for example, it might be a self-portrait, an interpretation of the workspace or the team’s goals. Each person must finish their task in order for the final product: the combination of everybody’s work to make the bigger picture. It is fun but calm and a great opportunity for the group to express themselves by doing something creative. The event can be as short as forty five minutes or extended and can even be done in the office.


Crime Scene Investigation

 Crime Scene Investigation teambuilding corporate eventIf you were thinking of an event less crafty and more logical then the crime scene investigation event might be more for you. Your team will instantly feel the part in their forensic suits after a crime brief. With the clues and answers there to be found, the team will have to split into smaller groups to investigate certain aspects of the case which involves teamwork and later report their findings to the rest of the team which will test their verbal communication skills. The team will have to logically deduce how the crime scene came to be by presenting their theories and findings to each other before they all come to the right conclusion. The event is so fun and fast-paced that you barely realise it is training. Since the activity requires lots of talking, social cohesion is guaranteed.


If there are other aspects of training or social skills you would like your team to develop during an event then the categories on our main events page will help you find what you are looking for. For a more general account of upcoming events read our Linked In page.