Why You Should Give Away Freebies at Your Event

When organising an event, there are many expenses to be considered. As long as you have the venue, the catering, the entertainment and the staff, you probably think job done! There are, however, plenty of other things you should be thinking about and the saying is true: it’s all in the details.


Why freebies?

freebies in events

You might be thinking ‘I’ve given my guests an incredible event, what more could they want?‘ but the matter here is more about how you can benefit from giving things away. Firstly, by giving something away, such an exclusive look at a new product or the product itself, you can highlight this in your invitations, making for a stronger attendance. Secondly, it makes your guests feel really happy that they’re having fun for free! Thirdly, it benefits you, your marketing, and your return custom exponentially! How? Read on!


Hotel rooms want you to take the soaps


We have all thought about taking the small things on offer in a hotel room. From soaps to slippers to notebooks and pens, we have all packed something away to take home with us. But have you ever thought about why hotels have such small products in the first place? They want you to take them! Their branded items will remind you of them in the future, causing you to subconsciously recommend them to friends or book with them again. If you give branded freebies at an event, you can achieve the same effect.


What freebies?


Freebies should never be forced upon guests – otherwise it is a gimmick! The goal is not to make the event cheap but to leave enough things laying around that people can make the choice to pick them up or not. For example, design a themed cocktail glass for the event, giving people the opportunity to keep it as a souvenir. Get personal with name cards by placing custom illustrations on them that people might want to take home. Provide notebooks, pens and other useful merchandise that they can grab whenever.


Use freebies to keep yourself in sight and therefore in mind, to find successful future business!


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