No Southbank Centre.

Good Chance’s Immersive Theatre and Virtual Reality

Good Chance Theatre company have brought to London a project called ‘Encampment’ that consists of three installations and is set to be one of the most important projects about one of the biggest events in history.

No Southbank Centre.
Image credit: Márcio Cabral de Moura on Flickr

The ‘encampment’ installations are hosted by Somerset House and Southbank Centre. Having already set up a temporary theatre in the Calais ‘jungle’ camp, the theatre company have brought the theatre to London for one week only. Between the 1st and the 7th of August, Good Chance Theatre are using their theatre at the Southbank Centre as a platform as they perform and discuss the stories of the happenings in Calais. This is already proving to be an incredibly popular event with people coming from all over the country to witness one of the bravest shows of the year about one of the biggest events in history. You can find more information about the performances and workshops here. The show itself found here is free.

 Somerset House
Image credit: Pavlina Jane on Flickr

At Somerset House, Good Chance are using art and technology to further the show’s themes. Both situated in the New Wing, they have installed genuine shelters of the Calais camp and a virtual reality workshop. Following the incident in which most of the South of the Calais refugee camp was destroyed, Good Chance and A Home For Winter have collaborated to build camp shelters that will be donated to Calais after the installation closes. Visitors are able to walk around these shelters and homes and familiarise themselves with the reality of the camps. The details of the project, the installation and admission can be found here.

Good Chance are also working with BeAnotherLab on a virtual reality project that immerses you in the real Calais camp. By spending a lot of time in and around the Calais refugee camp, they have been able to capture a great deal of the atmosphere and the happenings of the place. Visitors who use the glasses will see and hear and feel what a refugee of the camp does which is bound to be a surreal and unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be booked here.