How to Create Excitement Around Your Corporate Event

For larger companies, a corporate event is a big deal. It’s a chance for advertising, for promoting brand awareness and for spreading your message. The more people you can get to talk about the event, the larger the amount of people will turn up to the event. The more people that go to the event, the more likely you are to achieve the purpose of the event, whether it was to inform, to network or something else. That’s why creating excitement around your corporate event is important. Here’s how to do it.


Unique Invitations

corporate event excitement invitation

Start as you mean to go on with your corporate event by carefully and deliberately choosing your guest list and then showing them how much you want them there with a special invitation. Sending a simple e-invite or card is not inspiring. The aim is to get your invitee to take a photo of the invitation and share it to create excitement so think outside the box. Send a gift with the invitation in a well-presented box or send a clue to the theme of the event, for example, a decorative mask for a masquerade party.


Social Media

summer corporate event social media

A social media campaign for your corporate event is crucial when trying to create excitement around your event. Start with some general hype for the event, such as the date, some clues about the theme and venue and then lots of behind the scenes photos and video clips of the organising process. You can snap the flowers, the coffee meetings, the food tasting and so on. Ensure the chosen social pages are listed on the invitations so that your guests can begin the discussion and spread the excitement as soon as they’re aware that they’re going!


Live Technologies


On the day of your event, you want to ensure it’s still being talked about. The venue should be one to boast about and your branding captured by the decor and overall atmosphere. Arrange spaces for snapping, such as photo booths, branded event photo frames and broadcasting accessories such as a Snapchat filter. Lay out personalised name cards and present like it’s a production! The latest event fad is live technology so encourage live streams at every opportunity and arrange to stream the event to reach even more people than your guests.




The end of an event does not signal the shut down of your campaigning, especially when it’s a purpose-led event – make sales, bookings, networks, collaborations, fundraising and more. Keep your guests engaged and encourage discussion after the event, both on the saved live stream and on the social media platforms. For a real push, send all who attended the event a follow up package, with more information, gifts and souvenirs. An email marketing campaign post-event is absolutely vital in tying up the event and achieving it’s purpose.


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