how to make a christmas window display

How To Make a Christmas Window

If you have a shop or office window, you have a unique opportunity to drive in some last minute sales this year! If you have ever paused to admire a Christmas window display then you will already have an advantage! Join the rest of your high street in making a Christmas window and draw interest and customers to your store or office.



how to make a christmas window display
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Most Christmas windows begin with a theme. Some follow storylines, others have a set colour. If there is a specific product or service that you would like to promote then build around that! If you sell tables, for example, set up a Christmas dinner scene! It’s all about finding the festive angle of your business.


Colour and Lighting

how to make a christmas window display
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Typical Christmas colour schemes are red, green and gold but branding your window makes your company easier to remember. For example, House of Fraser’s windows and adverts are predominantly pink and black and easily identified. Ensure adequate lighting is installed in the window and make this a priority. There is no use working hard on a window if customers cannot clearly see it!  Initial intrigue is the key to popular windows!


3 Tier Layout

how to make a christmas window display
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Remember to fulfil three layers of the window: the background, middle and foreground. The background can be a 2D themed board or 3D with shelves and extra room for product. The middle is typically where your products and/or services are advertised with a clear focal point. The foreground might include window stickers or text on the window itself. Giving a window depth might sound tricky but think of it as three opportunities for advertisement!


With some careful planning and a creative eye, a Christmas window display is easy and a fantastic opportunity to attract new customers, remind people the gift shopping month is here and help make great end of year sales!

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Header image credit: Sebastian Spindler