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All In the Name Of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is easier than you may think. Knowing which skills are in demand is the first step, then you’ll need to go out and acquire them—ideally, without spending large amounts of money or taking a lot of time off work.


  • Ones relevant to your job
Self Improvement
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Everyone likes to perceive himself or herself as moving forward. No one likes to be stood still, in a metaphorical career-rut. One way you continue your learning experience in work is to go on a skills workshop. Identify what skills are relevant and in demand to your team or workplace and choose one accordingly. Alternatively, get you whole team to a skills workshop to enhance everyone’s knowledge and skillset across the team.


  • Something completely out of the sector of your job
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To stay engaged at work, it can often be helpful to partake in a course to enhance your skills and learning outside of the workplace. Whether you want to line yourself up for a change in career path, or are just particularly interested in improving a particular hard or soft skill, this may be for you. This is also relevant for if you want a qualification in: data & analytics, social media, communications, or anything in between.


  • New hobby
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Skillset enhancement doesn’t just include workplace skills, but extends to you as a well rounded human with a fruitful set of hobbies. You probably already live for the weekend, but upon reflection on a Monday morning, did you make the most of those two days off? Starting a new hobby can be a great way to energize yourself, feel productive and ready to grab life by the horns.



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