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Team-building Breaks!

As we draw closer to Christmas and the business starts to wind down, many fail to see this as the fantastic opportunity that it is! Having spare time in the office (and while the whole team is still in!) is...

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Festive Must-Eats (And Where to Find Them)

Christmas, and winter in general, is a time where food is in abundance. From winter home comforts such as soup to the sweet treats found at every Christmas market around, there’s a lot of Christmas food to eat and not...

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Christmas Trees of Ease

Though it is traditional to put up a Christmas tree in the first weekend of December, there are many reasons why many Londoners still haven’t got a Christmas tree up!  Most Londoners, for example, don’t have a car or the...

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Wine Growing in the English Countryside?

When you think of fruitful, wine-producing regions, you don’t think of Northumberland in England. However, due to climate change, England could soon become prime locations for Sauvignon Blanc – with Pinot Grigio grown as far north as Scotland and Northumberland....

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Seasonal Drinks For Your Christmas Party

If you’re hosting the Christmas party this year, it is no longer enough for the drinks to remain the same! When people go to a Christmas event, they expect the Christmas drinks to follow the theme and turn festive. These...

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Are You a Master of Drinking?

Christmas is lurking, or excitingly close, depending on which way you look at it. Likewise, the Christmas office party is too! If your office is just planning on popping out for a drink at the end of play on Friday, you might...

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Team Building For a Cause

Following our article about how animals can reduce stress and high blood pressure, we wanted to highlight one of the newest products we have! Research suggests that, while animals might be good for our health, animals themselves can suffer if not...

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Backyard Cinema’s Winter Night Garden

Located inside the popular Mercato Metropolitano, Backyard Cinema have recently revamped their theme. Popular for their immersive cinema, the team swapped the jungle for the perfect scene of festivity. If you come across an old bookshelf and wardrobe, you have...

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how to make a christmas window display

How To Make a Christmas Window

If you have a shop or office window, you have a unique opportunity to drive in some last minute sales this year! If you have ever paused to admire a Christmas window display then you will already have an advantage!...

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Sculpting Great Christmas Activities

Some companies are into Christmas more than others are. Whilst many teams opt for days out and activities that don’t have a festive theme, some specifically look for merry activities to embrace the Christmas period with both hands! We, at...

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