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The Electric Forest

Celebrate the summer solstice with the Royal Academy of Arts on Saturday the 17th of June. RA Summer lates have created an immersive experience you won’t want to miss! The courtyard transforms into enchanted woodland, complete with trees and foliage....

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How To Stay Event Prof Cool

Being an event professional or an event manager is a taxing job sometimes. There will always be a lot going on at any given time with multiple events to manage, let alone planning hiccups, and it’s important to keep your...

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5 Tips For Better Productivity

It’s been a long bank holiday weekend and the nation needs some pointers! If you’d like an easier week, keep reading for five tips for better productivity!   Set The Schedule Most people write their to-do list, if they have...

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Pop Ups to Enrich Your Summer Event

Summer events sound perfect at first. When you imagine good weather and guests having fun, a summer corporate event sounds like a dream. The reality is, however, that the heat makes a number of things, such as the activity and...

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How We Ensure The Success Of Your Event

There can be a lot to worry about when it comes to your corporate event and you need to know it’s in safe hands. Here’s how List of Life ensures the success of your event.   Asking The Right Questions...

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Making a Healthier Office

We spend half of nearly every waking day working but is the office a healthy place to spend such long amounts of time?  See if you can make your office a healthier place to be with the following tips.   Ergonomic...

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Christmas Party Themes

If you recently read our previous blog post: ‘It’s Time to Work Out Three Details of This Year’s Christmas Event’, you might be in a panic. That much is understandable. It is the middle of May. So, like the helpful event professionals...

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It’s Time To Work Out Three Details of This Year’s Christmas Event

Regular people might think that it’s the middle of May but event profs know that we’re already in the swing of Christmas. After all, it is our job to think ahead so that you don’t have to! We’re not asking you to...

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How Can Team-Building Improve The Wellbeing of The Workplace?

Every workplace environment is different but there are certain similarities that tend to run through all of them. One of these similarities is that every company, no matter how large or small, has a fragmented team at some point or...

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How Technology Will Change Clients’ Expectations

Technology is advancing quicker than we can keep up with it. Too often, we’re using it for personal use and forgetting to assess how it affects our business. The truth is that technology will change how all clients approach an...

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