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How Brexit Will Affect The Events Industry

With article 50 being triggered last week and Brexit officially going ahead, we thought we’d take a closer look at exactly how that will affect the events industry. What’s Likely to Be Affected? The immediate places that event professionals focus...

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street food london weird and wonderful things to eat in london

Weird and Wonderful Things to Eat in London

London is a trap that entices you here and traps you here but you can’t say that Londoners aren’t explorative in other ways. Clearly, no one here was ever told not to play with their food. The result? The large...

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How To Create Immersive Events

With the event market constantly moving and improving, it’s no wonder that people are looking for much more from events than they ever were. It’s not too early to begin the planning stages of large scale Christmas events – which...

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corporate event meetings

How Corporate Events Can Increase Productivity

Following our article about people only being productive at work for 3 of 8 hours, we thought we would discuss what you can do to ensure the increase of productivity, without cutting the working day in half! Here’s how corporate...

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Breaking Bad Bar

If you’re a fan of breaking bad and want to experience something similar, we can’t recommend becoming a drug dealer but we can tell you about a bar that will make you feel just as Heisenberg!   After a very...

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survival course outdoor course corporate event

Why Your Company Needs a Survival Course

We’re not saying business is akin to life and death situations but survival courses are becoming increasingly popular corporate events and for good reason. Give the social drinks or the office Olympics a break in favour of fresh air and...

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sales corporate events business

How Corporate Events Increase Sales

When budgets are cut, the events budget can quickly appear on the hit list and the reasoning behind it seems logical. But what if we told you that, far from costing the company, corporate events actually increase sales?   Novelty...

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personalising client's events

Personalising Your Clients’ Events

With the events business turning trends over constantly, the most aware of clients are beginning to want an event that is totally different, totally bespoke. Whilst event managers hear this all the time and think about how every event has...

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events branding

Company Branding

Company branding is a crucial consideration of most corporate events, whether large or small scale. The benefits of event branding can mean the difference between a successful and popular event or an average one.   Why you should be branding...

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The Customer Journey

When you’re working on a project similar to everything else you have expertise in, it can feel as though you’re always following the same process. You might believe that you already have it perfected. You might be working on gaining...

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