Outdoor Socials For The End of Summer

With summer drawing to a close, it is the last chance for most of us in England to host or attend outdoor socials so we thought we might share with you a shortlist of our favourites so you can make the most of the good weather while it lasts before moving your events indoors!


Kayak on The Thames

Kayak on The Thames outdoor corporate event
Secret Adventures

This outdoor social really makes the most of what London has to offer and will show yourself and your clients and colleagues a new perspective of London. We spend so much time in tall buildings looking down on London that we forget to go under it and look up. Kayak to popular spots like Big Ben or Tower Bridge before admiring a sunset, having dinner and kayaking back. The two person kayak offers a chance for teamwork and the sight of the sunset above you when you reach the destination is sure to be a moment to bond over!


Sailing Regatta

Sailing Regatta outdoor corporate event
Sailing regatta package

Make the most of bright days with a sailing regatta event. This activity takes your team out of the office and gives them a break in fresh air but strongly focuses on developing their teamwork and communication skills because you can’t sail a ship without a crew! If your team is large enough, you can split up and sail three boats and compete to be the team to cross the finish line first! This unique outdoor event also offers the opportunity to advertise your brand since brand stickers and advertising can be spotted by onlookers as you race to the finish!


Segway Rally

Segway Rally outdoor corporate event
zoetnet on Flickr

Not everybody likes walking during outdoor socials or even just sitting around in the heat but everybody has fun on a Segway! Be it a tour around a particular place or a bit of competitive fun racing each other around a course, Segway rallies make for great outdoor corporate events—especially for social cohesion! There are some great locations to Segway around, such as Alexandra Palace, Battersea or Hainault Forest Parks!


Climb the O2

Climb the O2 outdoor corporate event
Simon Q on Flickr

For ambitious teams unafraid of heights, climbing the O2 is not only an adrenaline-filled corporate event that takes you right up and over the famous venue. Your team will be led right to the top where you can enjoy the best views of the city on a clear day! After a viewing session at the top of the O2, you will be led back down to put your feet on the ground. This is perfect for the manager that wants to treat the team to a break as opposed to training, though the whole event will encourage social cohesion and enthusiasm!


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