personalising client's events

Personalising Your Clients’ Events

With the events business turning trends over constantly, the most aware of clients are beginning to want an event that is totally different, totally bespoke. Whilst event managers hear this all the time and think about how every event has been done before and no client ever realises how completely not unique their event is, personalisation can change everything. Personalising the client’s event is a sure-fire way of making it different.


Colour Scheme

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Unless you have specific themed instructions, do not assume the typical (boring) corporate colour scheme applies to your client’s event. They might not mention anything specifically because it is not their job to worry about their event – it’s yours! Get to know your client’s branding , check their brand’s colour scheme and incorporate it into their event as much as possible. The risk generic is high when companies outsource events but if it feels like them because you’ve branded it that way, they’ll know you understand them!



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There are plenty of other ways of considering and incorporating a company’s brand into an event. Their logo, for example, might be useful when considering the decoration. If anything at the event can be branded (consider documents, place cards, signage etc), then be sure to brand it! Again, you might not have been asked specifically to do so but you should always offer! A great way of resolving the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem is to organise something for the client’s guests to leave with and ensure it is appropriately branded!



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One reason a client might need an event is because of a product launch or the launch of a campaign. Be sure to ask them to be specific about what the event is for and why they are having it. Understanding a company is the first step to ensuring your event for them meets every piece of criteria that they have! Get to know their product launch, their fundraising campaign or their celebration so that you can adequately prepare its time in the event and assist wherever you can.


The Twist

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Typical (boring) events run smoothly and then end. From a client’s perspective, they simply have a reason to have an event and then asked an event manager to help bring it to life and they did. Once the event is organised and the purpose is met, they are happy. If the client wants a unique or personalised event, the event needs something that makes it different so always offer them a twist- an activity or element of the event that they haven’t thought of, that’s relevant to the purpose and excites the guests! Every great event has a twist!


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