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A Sport You Can Really Cheer For: The Beer Mile Classic

The Beer Mile Classic sports running
Image credit: Shimelle Laine on Flickr

If the tennis didn’t interest you and you have yet to find a sport that does then perhaps this event is the one you have been waiting for. Combining beer and exercise (they do say to live a balanced lifestyle), the Beer Mile World Classic is an international event that involves running four laps and drinking four beers with a penalty lap for those that cannot handle their drink. From ten in the morning until six in the evening, people from ten nations will be participating in the unusual race.  With time left to register, you are welcome to run solo or as a relay team to represent your club, office or just get your friends involved on Sunday the 31st of July.

The Beer Mile Classic
Image credit: Joe on Flickr

If only the drinking interests you then cheer from the side-lines as both popular and craft beers will be available along with games and other entertainment during the race. If you have no one to cheer for then perhaps you could host an international Beer Miler participant for the weekend? There are plenty of novice and champion beer milers looking for places to stay and the Beer Mile Word Classic team is helping to put people in contact about this here.

Whether you attend to catch some sunshine, try some new beer or participate in the funniest sporting event yet to be invented, head to Mill Hill East next Sunday. Cheers!

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Header image credit: Matt Baran on Flickr