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Team Building For a Cause

Following our article about how animals can reduce stress and high blood pressure, we wanted to highlight one of the newest products we have!

animal charity corporate event office team building events uk Research suggests that, while animals might be good for our health, animals themselves can suffer if not properly stimulated. Animals in zoos, safari parks and sanctuaries benefit from regular changes of scenery and that’s what our newest product is all about! Team building for a cause! If you’re passionate about animals, animal welfare or want a team building event with a wild side, this is for you!


charity event corporate event cause uk animal charity teambuilding team buildingGuided by two professionals, passionate about promoting animal welfare, this product puts the 30 years of animal experience with the hard work of great teams to create enrichment for animal enclosures all over the UK. Your team will meet at a safari park or sanctuary and be taught and assisted in making something for the animals. A smaller session might see you make a feeder, a day a toy or a long-term project might even see you making a feature to sit or climb on!


charity event cause teambuikding team building away day animal charity Your team will have to work together, learn new skills and build something wonderful. They’ll even get to see the fruits of their labour being used by the animals when it has been safely installed in the enclosure! Whether you have a few hours or a whole day and whether you would like a competitive element, team-building or just a bit of fun, this is a flexible event that your team will always remember. Do something great on your company’s away day and enrich an animal’s home!

For more information about the product see here and enquire on 02072744865.

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