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The Customer Journey

When you’re working on a project similar to everything else you have expertise in, it can feel as though you’re always following the same process. You might believe that you already have it perfected. You might be working on gaining that level of confidence. Whatever stage you are at in the events industry, there is something so rarely talked about that can make all the difference: the customer journey.

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The customer journey is a phrase used often in sales, retail and events and refers to the journey that the customer takes through your store or event. When you focus on the little things, it is easy to forget the bigger picture. The best events – the ones that are most enjoyed and remembered, are the ones that were looked at from a sympathetic perspective. Walk yourself through your project beforehand, with an open mind, forgetful of all that you’ve worked on, and see how it looks and feels to fresh eyes.


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A customer or client should feel welcomed at the start of an event. Ensure that there is staff on hand to take coats and settle the customer into place. Let there be some excitement already inside, so it catches the customer’s eye and creates anticipation for your event, and then make sure you don’t disappoint! Consider first impressions when a customer arrives and final impressions as they leave as these are most important.


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Let the theme of the event be consistent throughout, the catering be on hand and well-serviced, and the branding be subtle but enough to be caught in photographs. Make it easy for the customer to find people they know within your even and create impressive scenes that encourage them to talk to each other. Clients and customers respond best to events that are inclusive and attentive and something a little different!


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Even purpose events achieve better results when considering the customer journey. For example, if your event is for publicity, you should have clear communication before the event to confirm everything and you should release content on your social media and via email to build some hype before the event. You should make sure the venue and event activities are camera friendly—if people get snap happy, you’ll get publicity post-event! If your event is for a presentation, make the customer journey one that feeds and engages their attention.

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