Top Five Rio Olympics Fanzones


August is here and so are the long-awaited Rio Olympics! If you have clients to take out and are stuck for a place or you just want to feel part of the action with your colleagues or friends then you’ll be pleased to know that London is more than accommodating!

The UK has multiple Team GB Olympic Fanzones that aim to bring people together to celebrate the games, the sports and our Team GB champions in great locations full of refreshments and other activities. We have carefully researched and selected the top five London locations screening the Olympics this year based on the area, accessibility and entertainment:


Rio Olympics  tower bridge
Image credit: Peter Burgess on Flickr

London Bridge City Summer Festival

London Bridge City is one of the ‘fanzones’ for Rio Olympics; it is one of many chosen spots around the country that grant free admission to the screening. This particular venue is also encouraging people to try a sport for themselves, focusing on cycling, judo, running, table tennis and equestrian sport! This is the watch spot for the more active!


a bunch of sand on the former site of the Water Polo Arena
Image credit: Martin Deutsch on Flickr

Beach East

The Beach East at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the second official fanzone in London and will also be screening the games live so if you’re looking for more of an immersive experience where you can almost convince yourself that you’re in Rio then head to the sandy beach!



Pop Fields, Brixton
Image credit: Ungry Young Man on Flickr

Pop Fields, Brixton

Close to the List of Life office itself, you can catch the Rio Olympics on a big screen at Pop Fields which will immerse you in the sounds, sights and tastes of Rio with music, games and food if you book tickets for the 6th August!




St Katherine Docks
Image credit: William Marnoch on Flickr

St Katherine Docks

Having already hosted Wimbledon’s tennis screenings, St Katherine Docks have also committed to screening Rio’s games from the 5th to the 21st July. With deckchairs, nearby places to get drinks and many sporting fans around, St Katherine Docks is set to be the spot for the sporty viewers.



Merchant Square
Image credit: Jim Linwood on Flickr

Merchant Square

Following a Brazilian themed party on the 4th of August, Merchant Square are screening the Rio Olympics too, every day from the 5th until the 21st. Sit on the lawn with a drink in hand and enjoy the big screen!




For information on what the fanzones are read our Linkedin page here.