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A Theme For Your Team

Themed parties and events are becoming incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. Christmas is coming and if you haven’t managed to book an immersive experience yet, here is why you should!


Themed Parties Set The Mood

themed parties events
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From the moment you invite your team to a themed event, you are setting the mood. The dress code is immediately clear to everyone, relevant to the theme and the party can begin at the door. The decoration and set of the venue will be nothing your team has ever seen before and introduces the sense of excitement from the get go.




Themed Parties Are Different

christmas parties events
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A general Christmas party is difficult to make unique. Expectations will be for holly, some winter foliage, fairy lights and Christmas dinner. When you create a themed party—even if that theme is heavily Christmas, the event becomes entirely new and different. The décor will intrigue, sets will inspire, and your team will experience something they never have before. They will remember and discuss the event long after it is over.


Themed Parties are FUN

christmas parties events
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Above all else, themed parties are fun! Changing into costume gives your team confidence and gets them excited. Since the night is so a  once-in-a-lifetime set, the photos will come easily. What better excuse to hire a photo booth for the event? Your team will pour into the booth to eagerly snap their costumes. This photo booth gives you the option to have your photo prints branded with your logo which is not only advertising but a great way of remembering where your team had such an experience!

Themed parties should be your first choice this Christmas!


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